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Thursday, November 28, 2013

19 bodies unearthed in Baghdad; 36 killed in bomb attacks

 Iraqi authorities found the bodies of 19 people, including a family of five, shot dead in Baghdad Wednesday, in scenes eerily reminiscent of the country’s gruesome 2006-2007 sectarian massacres.

Another 36 people were killed in suicide bombings and other attacks early Wednesday, pushing the number of those slain so far this year above 6,000, as the country endures its worst spate of violence since 2008 just months ahead of general elections. There have been no claims of responsibility for much of the unrest.

Most of the violence struck Baghdad and areas of northern and western Iraq, which have suffered the worst of the months-long spike in attacks.
In two separate areas of the capital, police found the bodies of 14 men, all in their 20s or 30s, and all shot dead, according to medical officials. Eight of the corpses were found with blindfolds on in the mostly Dura neighborhood, while six others had been dumped in a canal in mostly Shuala.

Four suicide bombers targeted a police station in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, killing four policemen and wounding 15. Another attacked a police station just north of Ramadi, killing four officers and wounding seven, the sources said.
A roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi army patrol in the western city of Qaim on the Iraqi-Syrian border. One soldier was killed and another wounded, police said.
Iraq is suffering from its worst surge in violence in at least five years, with insurgents stepping up bombing campaigns against security forces and civilians.

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